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Welcome on the site of Bart Wille, archaeologist and art historian for the ancient Near & Middle East and Central Asia.

Since 1982 I am running a specialised gallery in Belgium, presenting archaeological and ethnographic items, under the motto "museum-quality at affordable prices"

Seljuq bowl with dolphins
Seljuq bowl with dolphins

Bowl in fritware with a decoration painted in black under a transparent turquoise glaze. The decoration shows three friezes: a middle frieze with jumping dolphins, and two epigraphic friezes. The edge of the rim has a cobalt-blue glaze.
Height 9 cm, diameter 21,5 cm, diameter footring 8 cm
Restored; nice iridescence
Price: 2500 EUR

embroidered mihrab hanging
embroidered mihrab hanging

Ouzbek embroidery in Singer-stiched cotton on a raw silk base (composed of 3 strips) and lined with a narrow strip of card weaving. The mihrab motif points towards a religious purpose.. replica Cartier uk

Condition: very good, some minor stains.
84 x 163 cm. Ca 1920
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Price: 750 EUR